Dr. Laila H. Cooper Clinical Psychologist



My emphasis personally and professionally on safety, comfort, growth, and access to services has led me to decide to continue provide the majority of my services via telehealth.  I use a HIPAA-compliant telehealth portal, and will provide you details on this when we schedule an appointment.)

Individual Psychotherapy

Often life can feel overwhelming and, at times, lonely.  Work, relationships, fertility, parenting, sex, and identity can be very stressful especially with limited social support.  I approach individual therapy with an emphasis on the therapeutic relationship as a primary support while working on stated problems/goals.  I have a focus on sex and gender, offering affirming services to people of all genders and relationship formats.  I have been an advocate for and comrade to people of color, gay, lesbian, and transgender communities for many years and that permeates my work in psychotherapy.  I have also spent many years working with parents during fertility struggles, pregnancy-induced anxiety and depression, and postpartum depression and anxiety.  Individual therapy offers a safe space to explore current struggles as well as one’s past as it informs the present.

Relationship Psychotherapy

Connecting with others in romantic relationships are some of the most rewarding moments we have – finding a person who is your soul mate, best friend, better half, partner, lover, etc. is something most people strive for much of their lives.  However, relationships can be very difficult and painful at times!  Relationship therapy is very effective in helping couples, groups, polycules, triads etc. feel closer, more connected, and more effective at communicating and resolving problems together.  I practice emotionally-focused therapy (EFT), which is considered to be one of the most effective relationship therapies based on both research and experience!  Read more about EFT here.

Sex Therapy

I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, which means I have received an extensive amount of training and supervision in the field of sex therapy and hopefully am well-prepared to work with you on almost any sex-related concern!  I have extensive experience working with both individuals and couples on sexual concerns.  This includes but is not limited to: navigating non-monogamy (i.e., polyamory, open relationships, swingers, monogamish, throuples, etc.), kinky sex (e.g., BDSM, group sex, fetish), painful sex, difficulty with orgasm, erection issues, shame and anxiety related to sex, out of control sexual behavior (aka sex addiction), sexual orientation, and gender transition.  I work with all genders, sexualities, and relationship formats from an informed, non-judgmental, affirming, and celebratory stance.  My approach to sex therapy is integrative, culturally-aware, feminist, and sex-positive.

Gender Expansive/Transgender Support Services

I offer consultation services for people who are seeking gender affirming medical care (i.e., hormone replacement therapy, surgeries).  I work from an informed consent model, wherein my goal is to advocate for and help you achieve the care you need and desire.  As ethically possible, I provide all documentation necessary to do this following a consultation with you.

Immigration Evaluations

As a longstanding advocate for the human rights of immigrants, I offer psychological evaluations (in English and Spanish) that accompany other legal documentation for asylum, human trafficking, and other immigration-related cases (this is done in conjunction with your attorney; if you need help finding legal services please see my resources page).

Como defensora de los derechos humanos de la gente inmigrante, ofrezco evaluaciones psicologicas que forman parte de los documentos legales necesarios para las aplicaciones de asilo, trafico humano, y otros casos de inmigracion.  Esto se hace junto con su abogado, si necesita ayuda encontrando servicios legales, por favor ve a la pagina de recursos.

Clinical Supervision and Professional Training

As an extension of the clinical work I enjoy doing with clients, I also offer clinical supervision for doctoral students at George Washington University (my alma mater), pre-licensed psychologists, and other licensed professionals.  I am also able to provide clinical consultation to other therapists on matters of sex therapy, working with the LGBT community, peri-natal issues, and immigration.

I am available to do professional trainings, and have loved being a trainer for university counseling centers and other professional groups as well as a guest lecturer in graduate level psychology and counseling courses!