Dr. Laila H. Cooper Clinical Psychologist


Individual Psychotherapy

Many individuals struggle with depression, anxiety, adjusting to change, or simply the desire to understand themselves more thoroughly.  We live in a time rife with uncertainty, acts of aggression against LGBTQ people and people of color, and enormous pressures.  Whether to improve mood and functioning, glean insight into personality and identity, or get support coping with life, individual therapy can be reparative, strengthening, and play an important role in maximizing your enjoyment of your life!  I have extensive training and experience in several areas including perinatal (pregnancy/pospartum/fertility difficulty) anxiety and depression, sexuality and gender (including gender exploration and transition, individual and couples sex therapy), and therapy/evaluations in Spanish.

Relationship Psychotherapy

Romantic relationships are some of the most rewarding we have – finding a person who is your soul mate, best friend, better half, partner, lover, etc. is something most people strive for much of their lives.  However, navigating the speed bumps on the road to a successful partnership and life together can be very difficult and at times requires some outside assistance.  Issues commonly addressed in couple’s therapy are ethnic/cultural/religious differences, communication difficulties, the process of cohabitating, sex, financial disagreements, combined families, and parenting.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a specialization in therapy for individuals or people in relationships who want to specifically address issues and concerns that pertain to their sexual function and experience.  Chances are, you are normal and experiencing something that many others do!  Sex therapy can help you to learn about and make changes to whatever is distressing you.  This therapy employs talking to process and work on sexual issues and behavioral strategies (done outside the therapy appointment) to make changes to the sexual experience.  There is no physical contact or in-person sexual experience involved in sex therapy.  Common concerns addressed with sex therapy include (but are certainly not limited to!): sexual trauma, sexual abuse, difficulty with orgasm, erection issues, pelvic pain, low desire, desire discrepancy with partner(s), kinky sex, fetishes, BDSM, pornography use, and out of control sexual behavior (sometimes called sex addiction).

Gender Transition Consultation

Transgender individuals can benefit from ongoing individual therapy for many reasons, however at times all that is desired is a consultation or evaluation while in pursuit of medical interventions (i.e., hormone therapy, surgeries).  While the W-PATH Standards of Care for Transgender Individuals no longer require a letter of support nor ongoing therapy for hormone therapy, an evaluation and letter of support are still required for surgeries and legal name change, gender marker change.  I have extensive experience doing such evaluations, and would be happy to consult with you about the process and fees.

What to Expect

Getting started in therapy can be intimidating; part of my job is to make that process easier for you.  We will have an initial consultation by phone (free of charge) during which time we can discuss your situation, what your needs are, and if I would be a good match for you.  During our initial session I will ask you about your current problems and desires for therapy in more detail.  You will need to fill out several forms (see Forms page) and we will go over them together.  At the end of the first or second session we will come up with a plan together for how to proceed.

Individual and couples therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes long and take place once per week (unless an alternative arrangement has been made with me).